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About Us

CompuTech, LLC has been servicing the computer industry for the past 9 years. The majority of our services have been for private contracted installation and repair until we expanded ourselves to the public in 2010. We have been proud to serve Fort Collins and the Northern Colorado community. Our determination for quality work and customer satisfaction keeps our clients coming back. We take pride in fair, fast & friendly services for all of your computer and IT needs.

Client Reviews

Carl C. and Artistic Ink Printworks
Berthoud, CO

"Robert, you worked hard installing our new business network, cleaning up our slow computers and removing harmfull viruses. We really appreciate what you have done for us, thanks."

Jeff S. and Arntag Inc.
Fort Collins, CO

"I wanted to send an enthusiastic thank you for all your hard work building my new computer. I have literally wasted thousands of dollars in the past on second-rate hardware because of less than knowledgeable or commission based sales reps. It is so refreshing to find a technician who actually understood my needs and customized the system best for me instead of selling me what they wanted me to buy. I priced the computer you built me with a similar system from a big name store and they wanted nearly a thousand dollars more for the same thing. Needless to say, I will be using CompuTech for all my personal and business computer needs."

Doug J.
Fort Collins, CO

"Thanks again Rob! Even though I spent 20 + years working in Silicon Valley, I still find that software can be a "buggy" pain in the butt. Your quick and effective fix is greatly appreciated, especially when compared to what Best Buy and their Geek Squad wanted without any guarantee. I would highly recommend your service to everyone."

George and Connie Gibson
Harrodsburg, KY

"We made it home and the laptop works better than it ever has just wanted to let you know again, just how much we appreciate you helping us out. Thanks a bunch!"

James Fullbright
Fort Collins, CO

"Robert replaced the hard drive, which had already failed, on our laptop. He was able to transfer the files including the operating system to the new hard drive and had us up and running again in a little over 24 hours.  He was very knowledgeable. He offered advice about backing up our computers. He also answered questions that I had about back up and information safety."

Richard Patrick
Fort Collins, CO

"Replaced computer hard drive and transferred files. Work was done timely and was well explained. Was satisfied with interaction and work done."

Rea Ann Fletcher
Timnath, CO

"Robert at Computech was very quick in getting back to me when I left him a message.  Set up an appointment for the same day and he had my computer repaired in just one hour.  His fee was reasonable and met what was quoted.  He was very helpful, responsive and professional and I'd definitely use him again."

Martin Forstenzer
Fort Collins, CO

"I've taken two computers to Computech now, and Robert did a great job both times.  The first time I brought him a desktop that was barely working, and after he fixed and upgraded it for a very reasonable price, it's now the best computer I've ever owned.  The second time he fixed an old laptop that had slowed to a crawl, and again upgraded it to keep it running for a few extra years.  In the long run, very economical, and well worth it.  He knows what he's doing."

Martin Forstenzer
Fort Collins, CO

"I like the guy at CompuTech, LLC. He is knowledgeable and he has improved my computers beyond anything that I understood. He has upgraded them and didn't charge too much. So I'm real happy with the service. He rebuilt my desktop computer and it is the best computer I've ever had. He is friendly. I've already gone back to him for a second time."